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How to Add a Sidebar

Sidebars tutorial

For sidebars, we have created a custom control.

  • You can use this custom control to create new sidebars.
  • Once a sidebar is created, you will see it in the widget area.

! Important note: 

Please do not use “special” characters in the sidebar names such as !@#$%^&*()+}{“:?<> or other language specific characters otherwise WordPress will remove the sidebar content/ widgets. The sidebar names will only be visible on the back-end so please use just standard letters or numbers.


Create your Sidebar From Post or Page Settings

When you create each Single Post or Page, you can specify what sidebar to have. You can define a different sidebar for each post created.

Note: This will overwrite the sidebar settings from the Theme panel. (admin only)

If you don’t choose any sidebar for your post, this will use the sidebar from its category.2015-07-03_16-05-16

The widget sidebar element

On pages or cloud library templates using the tagDiv Composer Page Builder, you cannot set a sidebar directly so you have 2 options available:

  1. Create the sidebar directly onto the page in question using a split row and placing elements directly on the page. For more details on how to use the tagDiv Comoser please read this guide.this guide.
  2. Use a widget sidebar element. The widget sidebar element grabs a sidebar you created using the above methods and displays it on your page. This element should also be placed on the left or right column of your page.