This guide covers how to log into G Suite after receiving your account creating email from the administrator. You’ll log into Google to access Gmail, Google Drive, Admin Console, and other G Suite features.

Your first time logging in

After you receive an email from a Administrator with your temporary password, log into your Admin Console to complete the setup.

  1. In the confirmation email, click the Log Into Email link.
  2. Log in using the temporary password and the new email address you created. If you’re already logged into another G Suite or Gmail account, like your personal account, first choose Add account, and then log in.
  3. Review G Suite’s Terms of Service and click Accept.
  4. Create a new password for your account to replace the temporary one and click Change Password.
  5. Review G Suite’s supplemental terms of service and click Accept Terms of Service.
  6. You’ll be taken to your new G Suite inbox.

Tip: After logging in, you can use Google’s setup wizard to get started.

Log in after setup

After your account has been setup you can simply log into your required G Suite service and use your credentials to Login with Google.