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Andrij D – need to import posts for Montreal (UA (61); En (56); FR (33).
Note French posts as well.
When imported, make ...

Need to import the following posts (with updated categories from Lemko to new site)
– Montreal (UKR-MONTREAL, ...


just added a post to the ny site, then tried to view all of the ny posts. no posts are displayed in the dashboard. same for ukr and eng


typo in spelling of the parent page – Ukrainian version of new york

You must be ...


“Page” for ukr version of New York has typo. I attempted to edit Ню Юрк to Ню Йорк. Appears that I do not have permissions to ...

Filters not working on Ukrainian and English pages for filtering either categories or tags.

Currently, when a gravity form is embedded on a page, it’s stretched across the whole page, forced towards the edge.

Also, ...

Paragraphing and line breaks are not working.
This is being investigated.

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