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I created a eng/ukr NYC Ukrainian School page, and when i try to have it show up in the NY sidebar i cannot use the widget “Pages”. When i use this widget, over 2 dozen pages show up from svitova, Argentina, Great Britain, Canada, etc.
My guess is that this is the result that my nyc ukr school page is saved in the directory instead of the nyc directory.
I’ve looked at the Melbourne site and it only displays Melbourne pages. This is what I’m attempting to do for NYC.

Also, when the NYC ukr school page is displayed, I do NOT see the NYC sidebar on the left side of the page. I currently display the nyc ukr school page w/o any sidebar, but would like to have the nyc sidebar on this page just like i have on the main nyc page and on the nyc blog post pages.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.



October 2, 2018 at 1:36 am Peter Duma

Hartuis!  I have fixed the NY side bar issue.  As there is only the one sidebar for both Uke/Eng, I have added the 2 pages as separate items.  There were 2 things I did to help fix your concerns.

On the pages you created, I added them to the Parent of (For CYM USA – Uke & Eng) – this gives you the USA top bar menu.

Then also under the “Page Template Settings (just beneath the text of the page), I added the side bar link for NY.

This now seems to work as you want.

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