Link your Google Drive to

Below you will see instructions on how to link your Google Drive to This is so that you can upload files and share them on your site without increasing the server capacity.

  1. Log into your KY Google Drive account:
  2. Once you are logged into your drive. Click the  button on the top left of the screen.
  3. Create a new Folder. 
  4. Name the folder in the following method: <Country> – CYMnet

  5. Once this folder is created you will see it populate in your google drive. ‘Right Click’ on the folder and select ‘Share’.
  6. Once in the sharing screen, add: to the ‘People’ section and ensure that they have access to ‘organize, add and edit’ the folder. This is so that the correct access can be given to your sites on Only access will be given to THAT specific folder only. There will be no access available to the rest of the KY Drive.
  7. Once this has occurred. Please notify CYMnet that the folder has be setup and the correct access has been provided by submitting a ticket at
  8. Not Sure how to submit a ticket on Follow this ‘How-To’ Guide.


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