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For setup of posts moved from old site to the new Open/create a post in Wordpress Scroll down the page to the right hand side until you find the ‘Featured Image’ Box. Go Back to the archived site and find the original post. Similarly go to the Featured image box and select the original image. This will take you to the ‘Media Library’ pop-up. On the right hand side you will see the URL to the image. Copy this URL and paste it into a
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To ensure that when you swap languages that the correct post remains on a page, you will need to “connect” the two language posts together. If there is no equivalent translation – refer to instructions down below. To connect two posts, you need to: Open one of this posts for edit. In the Language section (top right), you will see the "Connect with translations" link. Click it You will have the option to choose a post in another language to connect with your currently